20 February 2018

Pinch Valve

Pinch ValvesWe are top leading in to offer an excellent quality of pinch valve to our customers. As a pinch valve manufacturer, we used best quality raw materials. The main feature of the pinch valve is there is no interaction between metal parts and the transport media. Pinch Valves are better applicable for the tough slurry. For that reason, our pinch valves are best in integral to our open body design. A rubber sleeve also is known as rubber muff or tube which is protected by a cast iron or aluminum body. The compound to gather and dry hard, sharp, material. If in case the sleeve is damaged by service media, then for replacing it can be easily and inexpensively.

  •         Excellent finish
  •         Optimum Strength
  •         Anti-corrosive

As the application of pinch valves are proof best for the multiple non-industrials and industrial sector for example – Paints, chemicals, slurries, oils, lubricants, wastewater, beverages, alcohol, dairy products, fertilizer, powders, etc. It is mostly used in the mining process.  For operating pinch valves we used electric or pneumatic systems, wheels, or pinching devised.